Monday, August 29, 2005

Old Blue Eyes

Frank Sinatra fits any mood. Think about's true! You're giddy? Listen to a little "You Make Me Feel So Young." You're content? How about a little soothing "New York, New York" (or pretty much anything of his, really). Feeling a little down? He's got ya covered with his "Serenade in Blue." Or perhaps you're just simply happy (and no other word quite describes the mood)? I suggest a round of "I Get a Kick Out of You." What is it about him? He's just got an intoxicating presence, a way of luring you in and holding you fast...just with his voice. He always makes me want to get up and tap my feet, dance around the room, and sing or hum along. (In fact, I'm having trouble finishing this post because I keep getting up to dance to this song or that!) Really, Frankie is the answer to any mood. Put him on, and you'll always end up dancing!

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