Saturday, September 17, 2005

The dancing...oh, the dancing...

ULHS is the freakin' SHIT.

The dancing is quite amazing. AMAZING. The level of dancing, the level of energy, the level of mad awesome music... This is the place to be for any dancer who loves to Lindy Hop. The contests have been great...the Diversity Forum was insane...I can't even adequately describe it all. I've taken some pictures, I've taken a few video clips on my camera. I'll post some links for other videos of the weekend. In short, I will do my utmost to convince all y'all that you should have been there this year and so you should definitely go next year.


Oh, and I think I'm buying some new dance shoes...they let me try them out on the dance floor. I danced with Chance. It was beyond cool. I want those shoes. And I will dance with him again. :) Hehehe.

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