Thursday, September 08, 2005

That mysterious Gap CD...

You know the one... if you buy, like, $60 worth of stuff at the Gap, you get this CD called "Gap Favorites" which includes 8 really great artists singing a cover of their favorite song. It is an AMAZING CD. I'm not even joking here. I'm usually not one to go for the gimmicks and little excuses to make people spend more money in the consumer world, but this is worth the $60 worth of Gap clothes (plus, then you have $60 worth of Gap clothing, which is almost incentive by itself!). I won't tell you the secrets of the who and what on the CD... I want you to go get it yourself! Suffice it to say that I've had this CD for a week and I have listened to nothing else since I got it.

I love those kinds of CDs. The ones you can put on Shuffle/Repeat and listen to over and over again for hours on end. It reminds me of high school...before iPods...before Napster...before mp3s... when you had to buy the album if you wanted the song (because it wasn't always out on a single). And you had to be really smart about what you bought...if the album sucked, then you just wasted $10-12 (oh man, they used to be so cheap!) on a CD that really only got you one song. And we all have those CDs in our collection still. Granted, most of them have been converted into mp3s on our computers and the good songs put into our favorite playlists and on our iPods, but we still keep those CDs for some reason. (Girls, you know we all have that CD with the one song that we danced to with our huge high school crush at the Semi-Formal!) But, back to what I was saying: I love the CDs I can play over and over again. There's nothing quite like a good song, and when you get a whole CD full of them, it's like a little slice of heaven. A song can set the whole tone of a situation (movies know this, and bank on it like nothing else!). A song can make you happy when you're sad, or sad when you're relatively happy. A song can make you remember old times, and look forward to new times. It can inspire you, or set you into a deep sense of apathy. It amazes me what music does to our lives.

So, to conclude this rather rambling post: Go to the Gap. Buy a bunch of stuff, and make sure it's at least $60 worth. Get the mysterious CD before they run out of them. Pop it in your stereo. And be prepared to fall in love with the album...just like you did when you were younger! (Okay, if you're "younger" right now, as in you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say we used to not have mp3s...what a poor deprived child you are.) And enjoy the good music to be had from this CD.

That's my rare plug for retail gimmicks. Bookmark so you can remember and remind me one day that I once supported things of this nature. Ha!

It's true. I am amazed with this CD and am delighted that you keep playing it! The Alanis M version of Crazy is better than the original. And, you can NEVER go wrong with John Legend. Thanks for spending the 60 bucks, to my benefit too!
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