Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thought to vent...about a subject we know all too well (girls)

Why don't guys call? I know this is an age-old question that every female will ask at least a zillion times in her life. But still. Why don't they call? I even called him first (him being the particular guy about which I ask this question)...twice (because we got cut off once). No response. Even a call to say "I don't like you, don't ever call me again" would be better than the torture that my brain goes through trying to analyze why while simultaneously kicking itself for analyzing in the first place.

How is it that girls talk about wanting to be called over and over again and the male species hasn't picked up on this yet? It amazes me...and intrigues me... I know they must not go through the amount of self-torture over a phone call...but us girls? Hell yes we do! "He gave me his number, how long should I wait to call so I don't seem too eager but soon enough so I don't seem too nonchalant?" "What if his voicemail picks up? I always sound stupid on voicemail. And do I ask him then, or hint at what I want, or just say 'hi'?" "Why isn't he calling me back? Does he really just not like me? Did his phone die? Is he just really shy? Did he forget? (How could he forget?!?) Is he actually dating someone else, but just flirting at clubs on the weekends (in which case: scumbag)? What could make him not call?"

It goes on and on. And, girls, we try not to wait by the phone. It's considered desperate. So fine, we busy ourselves with other things, but you know you look at the phone every time you pass it. It's even worse when you have a cell because it can go anywhere with you.

And after all of this agonizing over tiny little details that could mean absolutely nothing, you suddenly realize you've spent way too long thinking about the whole thing and want to kick yourself even harder. It's just that silence always seems to be a bigger rejection than anything he could say to you, right?

In the end, life goes on, we move on, and say another general curse to the male species (and sound hopelessly jaded). Until the next guy crosses our path... What is it with guys? I use another age-old cliche: you can't live with them, you can't live without them. I just wish I knew the answer to my question. Why don't they ever call?!?!

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