Saturday, October 15, 2005

Oh the randomness...

...of little exchanges you have with strangers in a Trader Joe's parking lot.

My roommate and I went to Trader Joe's today to stock up for our big party tonight, and of course it was pouring when we finished and suddenly needed a way to get home...

We tried to call a taxi, but they wouldn't send one without an address [Who's ever heard of that???]

And suddenly, a taxi appeared in the lot, a soon-to-be-Trader Joe's-shopper stepping out into the rain. I ran over to catch the cab before it drove off and met the guy just as he was walking away from the cab.

As he walked by, I said, with my bags of groceries hanging at my sides, "You're my hero."

He paused, took in the wet, grocery-laden sight of me, and said, very simply, "I do what I can."

Hilarious. My roommate and I laughed all the way home about that one...

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