Friday, October 07, 2005

The only way I can express the feeling from 2:48 this afternoon...

To you: I say Thank You.

You began with skepticism
- what will this experience bring to you?
- is this right as the next step in your life?
But that skepticism slipped away to reveal a raw passion--
that is hard to find in people.
that is contagious, compelling, continuous.

You returned each month with renewed energy to complete the seemingly impossible task before you.
A calm visage,
A clear focus,
A quiet aura,
And a sense of determination apparent in every step you took.
That energy served as a fire to light the inspiration you passed to those working for and with you.
And it is that concentrated flame that will burn anew as you move on to your next endeavor.

Oh yes, you leave prematurely,
The sense of loss is great as we all process this sudden shift in direction.
Oh yes, we will all mourn the suddenly empty chair that stands in your former place.
But the ache fades quickly
Replaced by pride, joy, excitement for the new path you move down.
The impassioned spirit that I came to enjoy in such a short time will serve you well.

I will miss you.
I will miss the silent power that resides in your fierce dedication to help those in need;
however that need shows itself to you.
But again I say: Thank You
For the honor of this brief moment of intersection in our lives.
You leave me with a strong hope for the future
For the places you go,
the things you do,
the people you touch,
All will flourish from the energy, the passion, the intensity that you pour into what you do.

someone special?
Ha, well, more like a person that worked in my office that I had a silly 16-year-old crush on, but wasn't allowed to do much more about it because of the whole professional relationship thing. He very suddenly sent my office a resignation because he's taken a job offer he couldn't (and shouldn't) refuse. We move on...but it's sad to see him go.
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