Monday, November 07, 2005

The ultimate fans...

...or ultimate mockers...

Either way, these 2 Chinese students are HILARIOUS!!! And they take their performance so seriously, too! Way to go and make complete fools of yourselves, and then post it all over the Internet. Rock on. I am such a big fan.

My favorite part is the guy I can only assume is their roommate sitting very calmly in the background, seemingly oblivious to them as he works/plays on his computer. Talk about concentration on his part...not to laugh his ass off!

This link needs to be a permanent fixture on my blog as well, so it gets a coveted place on my sidebar, but it must be highlighted by a post because it's that hysterical!!!

[Credit for leading me to the all the laughs this video has brought must go to my roommate, by way of her friends, for sending it to me.]

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