Thursday, December 08, 2005

Doin' the wave

Last Friday, I discovered that one of my favorite sandwich places in Cambridge, a place called Pressed, also exists in the downtown area near where I work. Woot! So, on Tuesday, I went there for lunch. And it was fabulous, I must say. I love that place! Check Pressed out online, and then get yourself in one of their Boston locations pronto! Sooo good!

Okay, but my purpose for writing this post was not to give my personal endorsement for this fabulous breakfast/lunch eatery. I'm here to tell you the story of my first experience with my newly discovered downtown location:

So, I went in. I checked the menu to see if they had different stuff than the Cambridge location...a few. Good, I thought, different flavor...different character. Of course I ordered what I normally do, not feeling overly adventurous that day, and walked over to sit myself on their bar stool/bar table by the front window. Two guys were finishing their lunch there, and I noticed as I walked past them that one was an older mid-forties...and the other was a younger late twenties. Huh, I thought. As I shed my winter gear, I looked up to see the younger guy looking at me. He looked down again at his sandwich when I caught him looking at me (and I chuckled to myself). I looked over at him again, and saw that he's quite the handsome fellow. Looked rather sharp in his business suit, long wool coat. And a cute face, nice eyes. As I mentally compiled this assessment of his features, he looked up again. My turn to bashfully look away (and I now giggled to myself).

As I started my lunch, he and the older guy he's with started chatting up the owner...they all seem to know each other, and the chat turned to lengthy conversation very quickly. [Hey, I didn't mind, more time to enjoy the fine looking man two seats down from me as he laughed and joked and talked with the older guy and the owner.]

But, the talking ended, and the two guys eventually got up to leave. The younger guy shot me another glance before he left with his companion. The older guy walked quickly on past the window, but the younger guy dawdled a bit, walking more slowly past the window. When he reached me on the opposite side of the window, he paused, looked up, and waved. He WAVED! I sat in split-second shock [how many times do you get random men waving at you?] before waving back with a bashful smile. And then he got a huge smile on his face and, I kid you not, would have skipped away were he not all dressed up in business attire.

A couple of minutes after he left, when I'd fully processed the events that just played out in my lunch period, I thought to myself, 'Seriously, that was way too cute for words. But wait, how is he gonna peek over at me for a good 15 minutes of our lunchtime overlap, and wave at me when he left, and not give me his number or ask me for mine?'

'How is he gonna WAVE at me and not find some way of getting to know more about me?'

*sigh* He's a guy. That's the answer. Unfortunate, yes. Realistic, though? Definitely. They just don't always seem to get it.

...he waved at me...

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