Friday, January 20, 2006

My blog is just a Google search away...

Turns out I haven't posted in quite a while. Weeks! And this is crazy, so here I am with a fresh new post. Woot! [And hey, if I get really crazy, I might even post twice today! CRAAAAZY!!!]

In the past few months, I've picked up a funny little pastime: collecting Google searches that bring up my blog in the top 10 sites on the results list. It's pretty simple really, using Site Meter to see what site referred people to mine. And I get the craziest searches that link to my blog! So I thought that I'd share a few, and keep a semi-regular report going of the new searches that bring up my blog. [Okay, yes, it's kind of a silly thing to collect. But if you don't expect silly things out of me by now, then you obviously haven't read my blog well enough...]

My all-time 10 favorites: [The parenthetical number at the end is what number my blog was ranked in that search.]

- Johnny Rockets+server's dancing and singing (#5)
- geek lindy (#4)
- hancock tower lights and their meaning (#1)
- irrational anger with age (#1) [of course, how excited I should be that my blog is ranked 1 on this search, I'm not entirely sure...]
- hoppin+colour (#1) --from Google Australia
- "sudden unconstitutionality" (#2, of only 2 matches) --from Google Uruguay
- definition: "rode the red" (#2)
- minnesotan cellular phone facts (#1)
- tough math proof (#2) --from Google India
- Red Had Linus Shriek (#1) --from Google UK

What I love about these searches is that quite often they have nothing to do with any of my posts directly, but are a conglomeration of things I've written about on my blog. I also love that I show up on foreign Google sites. I guess it's not all that odd, when you think about it. It just seems so blog is global! :)

No worries, I'll keep you all *posted* on new and exciting Google searches that reach my blog. [And, oh yes, that really awful pun was intended, hence the emphasis on the word...]

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