Friday, January 27, 2006

One of my Wolves becomes a Celtics player

I just heard on the news that Wally Szczerbiak, my favorite player from the Timberwolves, has joined the Celtics. And now, I have to go to a basketball game. Many basketball games. I love watching basketball...and I love the way Wally Szczerbiak plays... It only makes sense that I have to go watch him play now.

Oh man, I didn't really get into the basketball season last year because I couldn't watch my Wolves (no 1 million channels that would give me the option of watching non New England sports...). But, I can switch to the Celtics to see my favorite player. [Okay, I realize those die-hard sports fans may read this and think it's totally blasphemous that I just said that, but I've never been a team sports fan. I just like the sport itself, and every once and awhile I get attached to one player or another, but I'm really all about watching the sport.]

Woo! Basketball, my city! I can hardly stand it!

I have started a celtics blog an i put in a chat for people to come doring games an talk about whats goin on. An also for people to come in the chat anytime to talk about what needs to be done. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!
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