Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday food

Oh man, and now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

[or maybe just the moment I've been waiting for because I get to talk about it some more...]

My post about my fabulous (and somewhat mysterious if you read the post before this one...) Wednesday food.

There's a deli. Downtown. Couple blocks away from Post Office Square. Right next to the statue memorial for the Hungarian... something. [Man, do I feel insensitive now because I walk past it every Wednesday and can't even remember what the memorial is about.]

The Bull Market Deli. [insert loud fanfare and lots of cheering here]

The Bull Market Deli has a feature meal for lunch every day of the week. They're cute and small-business-y like that.

And on Wednesdays, their special is the Pilgrim Sandwich. [insert more loud fanfares and raucous cheering from out of control fans, at 10 times the volume of the previous fanfare and cheering]

Oh man. The Pilgrim Sandwich is the most heavenly sandwich I have ever had. And it's that much better for being made only once a week. By the time Wednesday rolls around, I crave it like mad! My entire office knows "Pilgrim Sandwich Day" by now. We don't have Wednesdays, we have "Nina's Pilgrim Sandwich Day" in the middle of every work week. [I have yet to get anyone in my office to get one of these delightful sandwiches, however. I've decided it's simply because they can't handle the sheer intensity that is the Pilgrim Sandwich.]

But I digress. You're screaming at me: For the love of God, Nina, just tell us what is in this sandwich already!!!
[Actually, Pete's screaming it, too, it turns out. Go figure.]

The Pilgrim Sandwich is quite simply Thanksgiving dinner in sandwich form. [Mouth watering yet?] It's got a layer of stuffing on the top, a layer of cranberry sauce on the bottom, sandwiching the thick, juicy slices of turkey in the middle of the two. Put on an over-sized braided roll, and slathered with a good helping of gravy before it's closed and cut and wrapped up in parchment paper. [If your mouth is not watering by now, then you better go run to the kitchen and drink a gallon of water because you must be completely dehydrated and thus unable to salivate.]

You see now why Wednesday is without a doubt the best day for lunch in downtown Boston?

I was sick last Wednesday, and we're talking stomach-flu-can't-eat-solid-foods sick, too. And therefore, I could not have a Pilgrim Sandwich for lunch last week. Turns out, I was sleeping when lunchtime rolled around. And I woke up around 1:00 or so from a dream about eating a Pilgrim Sandwich. This sandwich is that good! My mom is coming to visit me in April. She's flying in on a Wednesday. And we got her an early flight so that I can take her for a Pilgrim Sandwich for lunch. That's how amazing this sandwich is! It determines travel plans. It creeps into my dreams when I'm stomach-flu sick and repulsed by the thought of food. It renames Wednesdays in my office.

[Oh man, the power of this sandwich!]

There are some who will read this post and think I'm wacko, off my rocker, and completely over-obsessed to the point of lunacy due to the endless praise I give this sandwich. Let's get one thing clear: they've never had this sandwich. Let them judge and shake their heads in scorn. I don't care. There must be cynics in the world or it would be awfully boring. They just can't understand. Or won't.

Either way, don't listen to them. Don't be them. Go get yourself a Pilgrim Sandwich. Trust me, your Wednesdays will never be the same...

Who's Pete?
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