Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Where's a freakin' Metro when you need one?

I went out for my lunch break today and stopped by my favorite deli to get my Wednesday food, [stay tuned, I will post about this next...although I can't believe I haven't posted about this amazing work of culinary art before!] then stuck my food in a paper bag and headed out the door for a quick stop at that big green & clear stand that's full of Metros. The idea was to grab one quickly, then head back inside the deli and sit down to eat my sandwich while I do the Sudoku and crossword [both of which I'm totally addicted to].

Now, I didn't actually know there was one right outside of the door, but I see so many clumps of paper stands around the downtown area that I figured there must be a Metro stand somewhere close by... [In case you're out of touch with the downtown area, there is quite literally a clump of free paper stands on every other corner in any direction you walk downtown. A little ridiculous, a little excessive, a little weird...yes, all of the above.]

Oh no. No Metro stand right outside the deli.

No matter, I tell myself. I'll just walk to the next block.

Uh-uh. None there either.

Nor at the next block...

...nor the next...

...nor the next.

Where are all the freakin' Metro stands??? I cry silently in my head, my delightful lunch still clutched under my arm in a paper bag, getting cold in the January air.

And so, 20 minutes later, I end up about 6 blocks up from the deli, having taken a detour that totaled about 12 blocks. Find the Metro stand I know about. Grab a Metro. And walk somewhere else to eat my Wednesday food so it's not completely cold by the time I eat it.

And that is my story. All for a stinkin' addiction to the Metro's Sudoku and crossword. My food was still warm enough for me to eat one half of it before it got cold, by the way, so it wasn't all bad...

But seriously, here's my shout to the world of Boston:

Get some more freakin' Metro stands in downtown Boston, for Pete's sake!!!

[Because really, Pete's pretty peeved about this lack of
Metro stands in downtown Boston, too. And you don't wanna mess with Pete. Trust me.]

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