Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ode to my Electric Blanket

There are very few things better than a warm cozy bed to snuggle into every night. The covers are warm, the mattress is warmed up...the air outside of the bed may be icy, but that cold air can't penetrate the warmth provided by my electric blanket.

This feeling rivals the feeling of curling up next to a warm, toasty fire in the fireplace, or a nice hot mug of cocoa after a long walk out in the cold. No more shivering under the cold blankets until my body heat warms a spot in my bed for me to cuddle into. If anything, sometimes my problem now is that my bed might be too warm. Ha! Now I don't have to sleep with a sweatshirt and socks at night. Because my electric blanket ensures that I will slip into a world of warmth in which I can comfortably fall asleep.

I got my electric blanket for Christmas this year. Best gift ever! I just plug it in maybe a 1/2 hour to an hour before I go to bed, and when I'm ready to climb in, I turn off the heating unit and unplug it and I'm off to dreamworld in a cozy little warm cocoon made by my electric blanket.

As I type this, I'm sitting under my blankets, my electric blanket on low, keeping the chill from the air away from me. It's amazing how this simple of a thing (my electric blanket, that is) can do so much to make me happy! [Granted, with me it doesn't take much at all, being that I'm one of the most easily amused people I know...]

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