Friday, September 22, 2006

First observations of my new neighborhood:

So, I recently moved into an apartment in Beacon Hill. And I gotta say...I love this neighborhood. It's narrow roads, it's near-45-degree-angle hills, it's tightly-packed buildings, it's cute little street lights... It's such a charming place to live. In my 3 weeks of living here, I've started to form some conclusions from my observations. We'll see if they continue to hold true (so make that my disclaimer that I don't hold myself to these opinions at this point...they may change)...

- I'm convinced everyone in Beacon Hill has a dog. No matter what time it is that I leave my apartment or come back home, there is ALWAYS someone walking their dog. ALWAYS.
- Shafts between buildings create great breezes to cool down your apartment.
- Rooftop views of Boston are superior to any other view of the city. Especially when the rooftop reminds you of that scene from Mary Poppins after dark.
- Beacon Hill is made up of two distinct demographical groups: rich people and young twenty-somethings. The rich people have the huge condos/apartments/houses that are squeezed into impossible spaces with beautiful views out of their windows. The young twenty-somethings inhabit the basement apartments and small 4th floor apartments.
- If you live in Beacon Hill, you do not refer to the area as "Beacon Hill" but just simply as "The Hill." After all, there is only one hill...
- Trash collection is better here than anywhere else in the city. They pick it up 3 times a week!
- Beacon Hill is close to everything. Bostonians are notorious for claiming everything is a "five-minute walk" away...well, those people must all be from Beacon Hill.
- The "intersection" that makes up the beginning of Charles Street and the end of Cambridge Street and the entrance and exit ramps onto/off of 93 and the end of Storrow Drive (pause to take a breath) is quite possibly the most dangerous and confusing mess of cars in the city.
- You shouldn't live here if you're on the Dunkin' Donuts side of the Dunkin' Donuts vs. Starbucks battle. There might be one near the Hill, but there are 3 Starbucks at the base of the hill (that I've counted thus far).
- Rich people throw out really cool things in their trash (my roommate is quite the expert at finding excellent stuff on other people's stoops.
- The best adjective to describe this neighborhood is cute. And everyone got that memo. That's the way everyone describes my place when they see it.
- Everyday here looks like something from a postcard. Even the rainy days.
- The laundromat is always a happenin' place. There are always loads of people (hehe...and loads of laundry) there. Definitely a new hang-out spot for me.

I think I'm definitely going to like it here. The Hill and all its quirks really matches my personality well. :)

welcome to "The Hill" from one midwestern native (Indiana) to another. I've been here for a little more than a year and I have one of those small 4th floor apartments (but it has a great view
Glad you like it there! I especially enjoyed your Mary Poppins rooftops comment. You're right!
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