Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Hill (and surrounding City) is alive with the sound of my music...

So, I've been thinking lately...

[Well, really, when haven't I been "thinking lately" about something or other?]

If my life had a soundtrack, what songs would play?

It's an interesting question, to be sure. It would, of course, include multiple CDs. "Nina, the Soundtrack" would have to be a huge album in order to chronicle my life adequately. And the genres would have to be all over the map. A little bit of jazz, a little bit of blues, a little bit of fast-tempo swing/Charleston stuff, of course. There would also be quite a bit of pop music, especially from the 90s. But there'd be some great hip-hop stuff, a few rap songs perhaps, some bluegrass (the fast instrumental stuff, no lyrics), a couple of mellow alternative songs maybe, definitely some fantastic harmonied a cappella, some classic cheesy Broadway and Disney stuff, some smooth classical/instrumental numbers, even a *gasp* country song or two, and I think it just wouldn't be complete without some rockin' techno/electronica stuff...

Man. But the actual songs that would make the cut? What a project that would turn into! I don't think I'm even going to start down that road...I'd never finish this post!!!

But, it's fun to think about sometimes...especially day-to-day as I walk around the city, or take a stroll around The Hill, or when I'm at work, at home, at a dance (when the soundtrack is playing for me already, haha). I always have a song in my head. Day and night, doesn't matter. I'm walking to work? - Yep, humming a song. Sitting at my desk? - Got a chorus running through my head (if I'm not listening to music at that given moment). Going to or from a dance? - You can be sure I'm playing a jazz tune in my head that I dance to while waiting at an intersection or riding on the T. Sometimes I have more than one song playing at a time! [Let's be serious...those times are like a chaotic party scene exploding in my head. I don't recommend the two-songs-in-your-head-at-once idea if you can help it...]

I do also dream with songs playing in the background on occasion. [Dream interpreters, eat your heart out...?]

The point is that I love that my life is so full of music. Everywhere I go, there's a song playing...whether a store that's actually got music in the background, or just a place that puts a particular song in my head. Every moment is filled with a song. Sometimes, that song is a improv'ed version of the sounds of the city. Sometimes it's a random artist in the Common or on the T. Sometimes it's a lively conversation. Sometimes it's happy, sometimes sad or somber. But always music. Music that creates the soundtrack for the dance of least the dance of my life.

[I may sound ridiculously corny in this post. But so what? It's true. And sometimes, a girl just has to be a little corny, right? Right.]

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