Saturday, October 14, 2006

The perfect day: what that means to me

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation and the only explanation I can find... the warmth of companionship when I'm with my friends and the buzz of the city as it strolls through the autumn days on its way to another winter.

I had a truly beautiful Saturday. Really. Full of life, a perfect fall day, lots to do, and the hours crept by slowly but pleasantly--allowing me to savor each moment as it passed. I caught up with a friend at our volunteer job that we do every Saturday (but lately either she's been gone or I've been gone, so we haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks). And after a relaxed lunch at home, reading one of my favorite books of all time (Emma, by Jane Austin), a friend called to say he was in the neighborhood, so I spent a few hours walking the downtown area with him and his mom (who was in town for the weekend to visit). Then, 2 newer friends (whom I met this past summer) came to see my new apartment, meet my new roommates, and spend the evening with me. We cooked dinner together, watched a movie together, and had a grand time the whole way through.

I guess the point of this post isn't so much to create a mini-synopsis of my day. [Completely random side-note: I love the word synopsis . There's something so charming about the mixture of its spelling and its definition, isn't there?]

The point is to make the observation that I'm a very lucky person. I have a world of friends with whom I enjoyed spending time. On the phone with old friends from school or my wonderful family. Out for a walk with friends I've gotten to know during my now two year tenure in Boston. Dinner and a movie with new friends with whom I'm getting better acquainted. A night out on the town with friends I made last year who enjoy livin' it up in the night life of the city.

I have friends to spend time with doing all of the things I love doing. Friends to compliment every side of the person I've come to define as me. I am such a social creature. I love being around people. I find them fascinating to watch, to interact with, to talk to. People are so fun because their all, as individuals, so very different. And because of my love of people and social interaction, I also find myself often a part of many different social circles. To find such amazing people in each of these circles I belong to - people I have the privilege of calling my friends - makes me a truly lucky person.

It's also fun to have days like these, you know? You don't always get to enjoy such an exquisitely perfect Saturday. I like to savor the joy I get in having one of these perfect days while the memory of it is so fresh. It renews my sense of beauty in the world. It renews my happiness with life and all it brings to me. It renews my sense of wonder at how life is so intricately sewn together to create the complexities, obstacles, joys, sorrows, and true happiness that we all bump into as we jostle our way through the crowds of other beings that are written into the novel of our existence.

Hmh. There's just nothing left to say except that I love this life that I live! :)

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